Thursday, 24 November 2011

Wine of the week - Fiano (White/Italy)

Hi all,
Let’s bring some summer back in the UK!! Love, warmth and value on the menu with this week’s wine. Direction Italy again but for a white this time.

What it is
Dry white wine made from the Fiano grape, which originates from Campania, in the south-west of Italy (Naples area).
What to expect
Intense lemon-green colour i.e. sunshine
Pleasant perfumes of almonds with notes of honey and apricot on the nose.
On the palate, it is very aromatic with refreshing and subtle aromas of apricots, peach and honey. The honey-like texture gives the impression of a sweet wine but the zingy almond-lemon zest relatively long finish reminds you it’s not.
Score: 7/10 (wine shown)
You’ll like it if you like: Alsacian Muscat; Torrontes; light Viognier; Chenin Blanc.
Have it with
A creamy chicken dish e.g. Chicken, Lemon & Broccoli risotto.
Otherwise, it would go nicely with a mild goat cheese or a fresh summer fruit salad.

Where to find it
1) Waitrose - £4.99. On offer!!  Pretty good value for this much better than average wine! And bonus: it’s Fatto con Amore i.e. ‘made with love’!!
2) Tesco - £6.99 On offer! 2 for £12 until 14/12/2011
3) Majestic - £25 - A different category of Fiano praised by Majestic customers.

Did you know

Fiano is believed to be the grape at the origin
of the ancient Roman wine Apanium.

> Fiano is believed to have been used in Roman times to create Apianum. This wine was indeed created by a grape called Viti Apiana i.e. ‘Vine of the bees’ for it attracted bees a lot (and still does!). This vine is now believed to be affiliated with the Fiano grape.

> The Fiano grape is relatively thick skinned and small, which means relatively low yields. That is probably why it nearly disappeared before making a comeback in the last few years as a cult grape, with the help of the Mastroberardino family.
> In Campania, where it originates, you will find the Fiano d’Avellino DOCG which is meant to be the best expression of the wine. There, it best grows on volcanic soils in altitude. It can also be found in Western Sicily and in the McLaren Vale in South Australia.

Next week is the first of December which will mean that I will focus mainly on Christmas and New Year wines.
Until then enjoy some sunshine with Fiano!
Feedback, complaints, suggestions & questions very welcome!


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