Thursday, 3 November 2011

Wine of the week - Saint Joseph (Red)

Hi all,

Back to the homeland this week for a beautiful and elegant red!

What it is
Syrah-based red wine from the Northern Rhone.

What to expect
Medium Ruby colour
Elegant red with subtle aromas of blackcurrant, berries and vanilla.
The palate is surprisingly light bodied with refreshing red fruit flavours and relatively low tannins.
DELIGHTFUL AND ELEGANT FRUITY RED WINE.Verdict: 7-8/10  (based on wine shown)
Have it with
On its own but would suggest a grilled chicken or hard cheeses.
Where to find it
1) Waitrose - £9.49 on offer (wine shown)
Also try your local wine shop.
Did you know
> The Syrah grape originates from France (Northern Rhone) and is the result of the crossing of Mondeuse Blanche and Dureza.

> Some believe that Syrah was actually imported from the town of Shiraz in Iran, where they produced fine wines in the 9th century already (although mainly whites). This could explain why the grape is known as Shiraz in Australia.

> The wine of St Joseph was originally called Vin de Mauves, as mentioned in Les Miserables.

> The French King Louis XII (1498-1515) was a big fan of St Joseph and owned a vineyard (Clos de Tournon).

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